: How we filled our bored day :

Today is friday, as usual we woke up on 12pm =P No class for Friday , so I, Zila and Eima just go to lunch and talking about our life..Suddenly, we talk about current hijab trend. I am the one who did not wear hijab suddenly feel attracted to Eima style..She said that, we can get the tutorial from Youtube..Then,....we found that, YaztheSpaz89 tutorial is very good tutorial for the girls outside to update themselve with the hijab trend (,^^)

Eima brings out all of her hijab and started to try the style and I and Zila also has interest on it.


Then we enjoyed so much video from You Tube and I like most on Hana Tajima style, while Iema love to use hijab without using any pin or needle.

So, the pictures above is us=) Xana, Iema also ziLa..I guess nowadays the hijab become more trendy and even non-muslim also attracted to it...So, for the girls outside, lets try it while fulfill our religious requirement=) Any hijab style can be easily found by surfing YouTUBE..

Selamat Mencuba=)

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