~ nEw SeMesTeR ~ mY PaRt 5 :

Salam…Long time I didn’t update my blog. So, I guess I can spend this 10 minutes to update bout my life here…

Semester 5, another one semester to go through…What is my destination after this?
This is the frequent question that asking by my lecturer. Everyone have their own goal, everyone have their own dreams, but ALLah will lead the best way for us, InsyaAllah=)
This semester subject quit though. Research challenge me a lot because it require my full pf patient..Ngeeee..But, I am sure I have so many friends that face and will help me through this challenge… My lecturer mostly the Dr, Datin also Proffesor Madya.. I can see the different during my diploma and my degree… Well, people change, everyone also will change depend on the pressure that the person faces..hik3

Yesterday, Saturday 2010 July 24 is my module. Short story that motivated me a lot is about the lecturer itself that start his education with SPM result that failed for one subject, and 7D for 2 subjects… And now he stand in front of me as a lecturer with a Master qualification, he start from “Sijil” and now I know success not only for the person that succeed from the beginning…Actually I know that earlier but his story make me realized that everyone has their own “rezeki” =D

Happy belated birthday to my brother, Imran Azwan who came back to Malaysia early July and sorry coz im not celebrate your birthday this year with you… I wish all the happiness and success is with you=) And to my Nina, wish u will do your best for your PMR this year…And to my self, good luck to grad on time by doing all best for this last 2 semester..

Oh yeah, starting to be with my Flower 4 back with my lovely friend too wish is Iema, Ekin, Zila also Nad.. Seems like I have them all near me with fully happiness in this house…Home Sweet Home…Heee=) The rumors said that maybe we are back to Shah Alam next sem but I hope that’s not true because it quit tired to be a nomad every semester..

Ah, its already ten minutes.. Gotta go to finish up all my assignment…Good Luck to my entire friend…will come back later…mwah!

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