~ LoSt LoVe PoEm ~

LOst LoVe PoEm...coPy frOm yoU TUbe~

Often we say goodbye to the person we love without wanting to...
ThOught that doesnt meant we,ve stop to LovinG them
Or we HaVE stOp To care..

Sometime goodbye...
is a painful way To saY i LoVE u...
buT HOW can i foRget u when..
You always on my minD..
hOW can i not wAnT yOu when..
You aLL I wanT inside..
hOw CAn i Let U go wHEn..
i CaNt see Us APaRt...

HoW can I nOt LoVe u WheN...
YoU COnTRoL mY hearT?
tHE worSt THiNg is Holding To sOmeone..
wHo doesnt wanT To be Hold oN tO..
reAL TEArs noT those thaT faLL frOM the eyes..
anD coVer THe facE...
bUt thoSe THat faLL frOm tHe heArt n CovEr ThE sOuLS..

sOmEtIMe i wiSh i NeVEr met U..
bECaUsE TheN i coULd  gO To bed aT niGht..
noT knOWIng tHere wAs soMEOne like U oUt tHere..
I doNt kNoW hoW to Live wiThOuT 
tHe OthEr haLf Of mY HEArt..

i AlwaYs knew...looKiNG back oN tHE teaRs
woUld make ME loUgH..
bUt i never knew...looKiNg back to the lauGh
woULd make me crY...

A miLLion woRds wouLdnt BrInG u baCk...
I know BEcOz i haVe tRy,,
neIthEr wouLd a mILLion TeaRS..
I kNoW becOz I havE cRy...

THey say if YoU LOve someone...then u Shud leT them Go..
bUt THEy never saY whAt tO do...
wheN they neVer come bacK...

I dOnT trY tO REmemBeR uS..buT When i do..
iT brInGS a sMiLe to my LiPS 
AnD teaRS to mY eYeS...
I wiLL neVeR rEgReT loving U
oNLy believing thaT u LoVe me Too

How caN i lOve again...when i canT stOP loViNG
tHE one tHaT huRt me MUcH?
mY hearT oNly founD whAT It waNtEd..
noW my hEaRt iS haViNg tO FiGhT tO you It Go..

EveRy MoMEnt i speNd BY youR SIdE..
I feeL a StaB WIThIn mY hEarT
AS i come tO realize that tearS THAt faLL froM my eyes..
aRe truLy blooD froM my hearT

EVERy mOrNInG i wiSh It were NIgHT again..
FoR IT is OnLy at NigHt
anD in ThE DEpth of My dreaMs..i caN feeL yoU..

<3 only love Can break HeaRT,,,anD onLy love can menD it agaIn... <3

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